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"SolarCarportLV" canopy - serial production

Three Latvian companies ("Gravtex", "Saules grauds" and "Fiqsy") and in the fall of 2021 agreed that, in cooperation with the Riga State Technical University, they will be involved in the creation of a prototype of an innovative solar panel shelter, which is primarily intended for charging electric cars, should be industrially produced, in the support structures as much as possible using local raw materials and applying the currently best available technologies.
During the implementation of the idea, the composite material manufacturer SIA "Compor" joined the project. As a result, the presentation of the created prototype took place in April 2022. Solar panel canopies can be placed on an area of ​​less than 25 square meters. All support structures are made of composite material produced in Latvia. The roof uses 16 solar panels, which are fixed in an ingenious and proven way to ensure the impermeability of rainwater. Canopies - the maximum electricity power of the solar microgeneration station is 6.4 kW. The suppliers of the panels and equipment necessary for the operation of the station are German manufacturers.

Currently, the developers of the project have transferred the rights of distribution of the canopy and manufacturer's guarantees to SIA "SolarCarportLV". Serial production and sales of this model started in July 2022.

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