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Solar panel canopy
The sun is always with you!

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    What is a SolarCarportLV solar panel carport?

    Briefly about the main parameters of the solar canopy:

        Composite in canopy support structures - a lifelong material that is not subject to corrosion, does not deform or change color under the influence of weather conditions;
        Solyco double-sided, transparent (bifacial) solar panels of the highest quality;
        The canopy does not require additional care after installation;
        The inverter of the energy produced by the solar panels and the charging equipment for the electric car are also possible according to the customer's choice;
        Industrially produced constructions save raw materials and protect the environment;
        The solar canopy makes money - put it now and after 6-7 years these investments will pay off threefold;
        Get an independent source of energy for your electric car or house - solar and light energy gives you the opportunity to gain independence from price fluctuations;
        A valuable investment for the future - the lifetime of the solar panels and the durability of the composite support structures exceed 30 years.

    Protects your car!

    SolarCarpotLV expands the range of offered products, in addition to our standard solar panel canopy model made of composite (max power 6.4 kW), we also offer solutions for aluminum canopies with a polycarbonate roof.


    Offers for one and two cars, as well as multiplicative models. Modern design and durable constructions. Canopies are suitable for Latvian nature. Your car will be protected from snow, rain and hail, easily applicable for the installation of solar panels in the future and will increase the value of your property.

    Fast delivery, easy installation, manufacturer's guarantees. For the most advantageous solution - contact us!

    (Wider assortment - see PRODUCTION )

    Got questions? Contact us!

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